Voice of Children and Young People

East Sussex Safeguarding Children Partnership (ESSCP) strongly believes that children and young people should have a say when decisions are made which may affect them. We also believe that children and young people should have the means and opportunities to be able to raise issues which are important to them, and ensure they are listened to. By doing so, we will create a stronger child protection system that is more responsive to the needs of our most vulnerable children.

The ESSCP will endeavour to ensure that children and young people are appropriately involved in the governance and decision making of the Partnership. We will also challenge and hold Partnership  members to account on their engagement and involvement of children and young people within their own agencies.

Our Partnership Manager and Lay Members take an active role to seek the opinions of East Sussex children and young people – if you are a child or young person and want to let us know what you think please contact us or follow us on twitter.