ESSCP Annual Report and Business Plan

It is a statutory requirement that Safeguarding Partnerships publish an annual report on the effectiveness of child safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children in the local area. The report should provide a rigorous and transparent assessment of the performance and effectiveness of local services.

The latest Annual Report covers the transition period from the Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) to the Safeguarding Children Partnership, so is largely focused on activity and governance. The 2020/21 report will include the impact of the Partnership’s priorities, and the impact of the new partnership arrangements, on outcomes for children and families.

There is also a separate ‘Safeguarding Context’ document which provides a summary of key safeguarding performance information.

In our latest report, our Independent Chair, Reg Hooke states:

“the last few months of the year provided totally unanticipated challenges as Covid-19 hit the UK. At the time of writing I can report that the impact on children and on the safeguarding system is substantial, creating additional risk groups and major challenges to those working on the safeguarding front line.  Whilst the full impact on children and services will continue to emerge in the months ahead, what is clear is that local leadership and front line dedication has already shown that the county has a highly adaptive partnership with an admirable level of flexibility to meet the new challenges. Covid-19 is a long term and persistent issue for us and I want to acknowledge the great work done by so many in rising to the challenge of the global pandemic and continuing to do so.”

ESSCP Annual Report 2019-20

ESSCP Annual Report 2019-20 – Safeguarding Context