Multi-agency training

The East Sussex Safeguarding Children Partnership (ESSCP) provides a thriving training programme which is well respected by partner agencies. The programme provides a wide range of courses to ensure professionals who work with children and families stay up-to-date with current local and national safeguarding practice. This is achieved through delivery by a range of multi-agency practitioners who form part of our LSCB Training ‘pool’ of up to 70 people.

A quick guide to our training offer can be found in the East Sussex LSCB: Training Programme 2019-20 Leaflet. 

As well as a variety of ESSCP courses focussed on more generic subjects, there are six themed learning pathways to help anyone who works with children and families understand what training they need to access. All courses feature in the ‘foundation’ and ‘professional’ stages of the pathway which are aimed at any professionals  who work with families at Level 3 and 4 of the Continuum of Need.

The ‘advanced’ courses are targeted at Social Workers and those level 3 staff who are working with families where a particular theme is a major factor, for example a family where substance dependency is a key issue.

How to book

To find out more information about all of our courses, and how to book, please visit the East Sussex Learning Portal.

Unless specified, LSCB courses are open to all staff from statutory, non-statutory and private/independent sectors, including staff members from local district and borough councils, who work with children, young people and their families or who work with adults who have child care responsibilities. To apply for a course go to the East Sussex Learning Portal.

Training costs

Courses are free to staff of contributing members of the ESSCP member organisations. These include: East Sussex County Council staff in Children’s Services and Adult Social Care, staff from maintained schools, NHS staff, and the Police

To find out how much courses cost for other organisations, download the LSCB Training – Charging Policy.

More information

If you have any queries or would like any further information please contact or 01323 747386. The CW Events team can also assist with any guidance needed about logging in to the Learning Portal.

E-Learning Courses

The ESSCP also offers a range of e-learning courses which are currently  free of charge to access. All of these courses are available via the East Sussex Learning Portal. When you reach the landing-page for the East Sussex Learning Portal, please select the tab along the blue line at the top named ‘eLearning’ on this page there are several options; the option for ‘safeguarding’ will take you to a range of courses such as: Safeguarding children; Child sexual exploitation; Domestic violence and abuse; Female Genital Mutilation (FGM); Awareness of Forced Marriage; Health and well-being; and Understanding and promoting mental health and wellbeing

Safer Recruitment

If you are involved in the recruitment of staff this on-line course is a must (

This course is provided by EduCare. It will take you through the whole process of safer recruitment, from planning prior to recruitment to maintaining vigilance once the new recruit is a member of your organisation.

Further information

If you want any advice about whether a course is suitable for your needs then please contact the LSCB Training and Development Consultant, Giovanna Simpson by e-mail: