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National Stalking Awareness Week (24- 28 April 2023)

Date: Thursday, 27th Apr 2023 | Category: General

National Stalking awareness week 24th to 28th April 2023 the focus this year is on ‘Standing Against Stalking: Supporting Young People’ National Stalking Awareness Week Conference 2023: ‘Standing Against Stalking: Supporting Young People’ | Suzy Lamplugh Trust

What is stalking?

Stalking behaviour is unwanted, persistent, and it is almost always carried out (or orchestrated by) one individual towards another individual.

Stalking and harassment is when someone repeatedly behaves in a way that makes you feel scared, distressed, or threatened.

There are different types of stalking and harassment, and anyone can be a victim.

Stalking and harassment are offences under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997.

Someone you know could be stalking you; an ex-partner or a person you were friends with, or it might be a stranger. If it’s someone you know, or knew, it doesn’t mean that it’s your fault; it’s still stalking and it’s an offence.