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Reducing Parental Conflict Training

Date: Wednesday, 27th Mar 2024 | Category: General

Do you work with families that struggle with communication?

Do you work with separated parents who put the children in the middle of their disagreements?

Everyone has arguments from time to time – they are a normal part of relationships. How they are resolved is the most important thing. If they happen often, are intense or not resolved properly they can negatively affect children’s mental health and wider development.

Effective communication between parents (whether in a couple or separated) can be challenging with busy lives and day-to-day worries or stress. How families approach these conversations can make a big difference.

There are a range of resources and training to support work around identifying parental conflict within families and additional tools to help improve communication between parents. These will enable parents/caregivers to manage conflict appropriately and to create a more harmonious living environment for their children.

These courses are for any multi-agency practitioners who work or volunteer with children and families:

Workshop One – Recognising and Supporting Parents in Parental Conflict (Part 1 of 2)

If you come into regular contact with families, you are well placed to identify, explore, and support those experiencing destructive conflict and reduce this potential negative impact. By understanding the evidence and research around parental conflict and its impact on child outcomes you are better placed to recognise when parental conflict is an issue.

Workshop Two – Working with Parents in Conflict (Part 2 of 2)

The second Workshop will help you to begin thinking about what support you may be able to offer. You will have tools in your everyday kit that you can use to work with parents and the additional tools covered in this session will help you to work parents by enhancing their relationship and communication skills.

The workshops are presentation based, delivered on Microsoft Teams. The sessions are approx. 60mins per session with slides, video and time for reflective discussions and sharing best practice. To book onto the workshop please clink on the Ticket Tailor links provided.