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Tackling violence against women and girls strategy – July 2021

Date: Thursday, 09th Sep 2021 | Category: General

On the 22nd July, the publication of the Tacking Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy 2021 was published here; Tackling violence against women and girls strategy – GOV.UK (

It is the product of a huge collective effort from the government, the public, and yourselves, the specialist VAWG sector, and I would like to thank each and every one of you for your time, dedication, and guidance, on this complex and far reaching piece of work.

The contributions of the VAWG Sector, before, during and after our Call for Evidence, has been invaluable. Your ongoing engagement throughout the progress of the Tackling VAWG Strategy, and your generously shared knowledge and experience, were instrumental in shaping its development.

We were privileged to engage with a range of specialist representatives from the VAWG sector, including by and for services for those from Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds, refugee VAWG experts, and Deaf and disabled VAWG experts. We recognise that men and boys also experience abusive and violent crimes that fall within the umbrella of VAWG, and are grateful for the contribution of expert organisations specifically supporting men. We thank you all for your hard work in directly engaging with a diverse range of victims and survivors to gather their views, helping us ensure their voices have been at the heart of our work.

The many and varied crimes in the violence against women and girls spectrum are totally unacceptable, and I know we share a common goal to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, these horrific crimes from our society, ensuring all women and girls have the right to safety, success, and futures unimpeded by violence. I am sure you will welcome the commitments we have set out and announced today, including

  • A national communications campaign focused on raising awareness of VAWG;
  • Increased funding to increase provision for ‘by and for’ services and further increased funding for specialist services;
  • The development of local ‘pathfinder’ projects for enhanced trauma-informed mental health support for sexual abuse victims and survivors;
  • The appointment of an independent reviewer to review the police management of registered sex offenders;
  • A commitment to work to criminalise ‘virginity testing’;
  • The introduction of a National Policing Lead for Tackling VAWG;
  • A review into the Disclosure and Barring regime;
  • The introduction of a new VAWG Transport champion; and
  • Our commitment across Government to improve data, and in turn improve our understanding of these crimes.

This new Tackling VAWG Strategy, and our complementary strategy on Domestic Abuse (to be published later this year), provide a crucial opportunity to drive change to reduce the prevalence of VAWG, improve the support and response for victims and survivors, and ensure perpetrators are held to account. It sets out a cross-departmental approach, committing to an ambitious package of activity to drive systemic and cultural change. The National Statement of Expectations explains the actions that local areas should take to ensure victims of violence against women and girls get the help they need. We will be refreshing this alongside publication of the forthcoming Domestic Abuse Strategy, as well as an updated Male Victims Position Statement.

I am committed to ensuring the Strategy is available in all formats required, and can confirm that the Strategy will be published in PDF, with HTML, easy read, BSL and Welsh versions will be made available in the coming days and weeks. The Home Office is reviewing how it can ensure accessibility across the department. The forthcoming consultation on the statutory guidance on DA will be available in an accessible HTML format, easy read, BSL and Welsh. We are also ensuring that upcoming workshops on the VAWG and DA strategies are accessible by providing interpreters and materials in multiple formats.

There is much work ahead to ensure the effective implementation of the Tackling VAWG Strategy, which will ultimately be overseen by the Home Secretary. A VAWG Oversight Group will also be put in place to oversee implementation (both this Strategy and the forthcoming Domestic Abuse Strategy), hold the Government to account for delivery, and scrutinise progress. Further information on this will follow in future Stakeholder meetings.

We look forward to our ongoing engagement with you, and thank you again for your valued contributions to the development of the Tackling Violence Against Women an d Girls Strategy.

Best wishes,

Lynne Abrams

Interpersonal Abuse Unit

Deputy Director, Public Safety Group, Home Office

Tel: 07826 250388 | *