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Using the Children’s Portal to make referrals to SPOA

Date: Thursday, 20th Jan 2022 | Category: General

You may be aware the Children’s Portal is now being used by professionals to make referrals to SPOA for Early Help, Social Care and CAMHS, replacing the emailed Statement of Referral.

The Portal uses modern technology to make a referral easier and more accessible, saving you time and effort. Referrals can be made on any work device, at any time, and the outcome will be emailed to you when a decision is made. The Portal also enables SPOA to record and triage referrals more efficiently and directly through LiquidLogic.

You must register with the Children’s Portal and make all Early Help, Social Care and CAMHS referrals via the Portal.

However if a child is at risk of immediate harm, or has sustained an injury, please call SPOA directly on 01323 464222 before completing your referral.

Registering for the Portal

To register please go to My Forms on the Children’s Portal. A prompt to log in or register will also appear after starting a SoR form.

To submit a referral to SPOA:

  • from the Children’s Portal home page, select ‘Single Point of Advice Referral’.
  • a prompt will display to login or register
  • At each sign-in you will be emailed a two-factor authentication code for security and to prevent anyone else from accessing the account.